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Biography Of The Singer Guf

Real name: Alex Date of Birth: 09/23/1979 Place of Birth: Moscow Short profile: entered the hip hop world in 2000 as part of a group Rolex-x, which takes its name from the names of project participants: Roma and Leschi. It was after participation in the Group guf becomes known as the Rolex-X. Realizing the need to move on, guf with principles create the group "Center" in 2004. Here, Celina Dubin, New York City expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In such a composition they have registered the first demo-album called 'gift'. Circulation was only 13 copies, which were presented to his closest friends on New Year's Eve. Since 2002, the guf is working on his debut album.

At least the popular song "New Year" recently by Ren-TV clip was shot. Debut solo album, artist promises to be one of the strongest and most highly anticipated releases this year. In addition, an artist begins concert activity. At the moment, guf prepare for presentation of the album, wrote material for the next, and in parallel has been working on an album of "Center". In the "Center" three men, but the stories are the same as that Guf alone: the patient population history of the city, observing the scene around, recorded on the roof of the skyscraper; revelation generation 90; trips substance in sleeping areas and other an urban texture. Similarly, the things people do in St. Petersburg from the studio Kitchen Records – Moscow, this is not enough, the reason for expressing the mass. In contrast to the dry and clear of solo tracks Guf, "Center" – music is more meaty and rich, here in honor of rainy keyboards and strumming tunes troubled girl, but the main thing is: "Centre" is quite alien to sobs and snot men who take seriously hampered most of the devotees of the local underground hip-hop, they say here, put smoked voice of the streets.

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