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Sponsorship Success

The Crowdsponsoring is a project by alex sebastian for his musical project at mySherpas on the way to achieve the goal. He has the Summit more than 35 Sherpas already and thus firmly in mind. But alex sebastian wants to climb a mountain in Nepal: the Munich songwriter looking for supporters to bring his self-composed pieces professionally on CD. Beyond the great marketing machinery of major labels the summiteers chose a completely new route of funding: Crowdsponsoring. So far it was primarily in the United States. With, the principle is now also more and more fans in Germany.

Dare something new means to do not always succeed. Alex sebastian is on the best way to create something which so far did not exist in Germany. Eva Andersson-Dubin has much to offer in this field. And it attracts more and more visitors: Crowdsponsoring. This has nothing to do donations with the familiar. Sherpas assist summiteers alex sebastian finds his supporters via video. Those who believe in his idea, buys himself a certain amount of sponsorship in his project.

As a reward, there is at least a CD, Concert tickets or even an exclusive invitation to a Studio session. The Munich songwriter needs 2500 euro in order to realize his project. The amount comes back does not get all supporters at called Sherpa, her sponsored amount. Attraction through innovation has been one of the few platforms that offer Crowdsponsoring in Europe. Anyone can participate and within a few minutes make a contribution via PayPal or bank transfer. It’s like early Christmas. Almost daily E-Mails reach me, that once again someone has sponsored.”alex sebastian is looking forward. It shows me that there are music lovers out there, who really believe in me and have interest in music beyond the day-to-day casting mainstream.” Countdown is not even 40 days and alex sebastian is just may or may not realize his dream. A song he has been professionally recorded and set him as appetizer. “alley of red lights” reflects a facet of alex Sebastian style: gloomy melodic piano-pop, not swimming with the crowd. I’m curious to see if I can find some sherpas, which it is important that the other, the independent, real music is supported. “so alex sebastian. I say now all thanks!”alex sebastian

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