Vacation in France

Berlin Women

“The new Berlin humor book from Pascu publishing in his new book, sharp jeschnitten and sharp jequatscht” from Pascu publishing overheard Dietrich Novak in a humorous way the lovely Berlin ladies in their chats at the hairdresser: on Monday afternoon, the Salon remains Marina “closed for the clientele in Berlin-Moabit. Because as the owner receives their three girlfriends, which vary by age and in their nature. Two of the ladies are also Urberlinerinnen as Marina, the other is indeed zugereist, but already feels like Berliner. In a relaxed atmosphere Marina makes crooked hair them”. The four about the large and small worries, of course the men get off their fat chat over coffee and cake. Incidentally, receives the reader information about the Moabit of yesteryear and today. Memories of long-forgotten buildings, and entertainment sites of this district be awake. Source: Charlotte Hornets.

And is always the typical Berlin humor with his proverbs and sayings in the foreground. Be well entertained you and laugh at “with, though sometimes the famous tear in the button hole” is. “Sample: Hello, Friedel”, welcomed them warmly Marina. Once washing Hinlejen or do you prefer washing and moan?” “Hinlejen” was meant the turning with curlers and moaning “the blow, but the required no more explanation already because it was a running joke between them, Friedel had invented. By wejen Hinlejen, ick jleich oblige you. “Ick wants Yes nich’ look like my eijene grandmother”, Friedel grinned. “I hope is’ the coffee already Mary.” Ipoh, wat do you think? Come because you can out kieken rin.” Friedel dropped her jacket, the next, Sylvia, was more or less happily married and working part-time as a shop assistant. It wasn’t looking at her advanced age too. She was late forties, was appreciated but mostly to ten years younger. Well, her app.? Habter me yet ‘ a puddle of coffee left jelassen? “, she asked cheerfully, after” She had embraced both women.

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