Vacation in France

Cafe Munich

“Munich summer” appears on the 03.06.2011 Joseph Haggag Club Munich in summer”album – release date: 03.06.2011 / 7days music entertainment AG of the”Rosenheim-COP’ attacks now also musically! Joseph Haggag Connor is not unknown. In over 200 episodes of success thriller the Rosenheim – cops”you know his face as the foothills of the Alps Commissioner Korbinian Hofer. On television he was in more than 40 series and TV Movies see. In “The Manitou’s shoe”, he played even the host. But acting was and is not everything for Joseph Haggag Connor long. From small on could Joseph Haggag Connor inspired also for music, played guitar and sang in various bands. For several years, the versatile Bayer has a show band called disco train”. The 49-year-old loves the music and he loves Munich.

He can combine now quite skillfully both with his debut – album in Munich in the summer”. Because Joseph Haggag Club will now expand his musical passion and started with his first CD. It is published on June 3, 2011. musically, he wears an enthusiasm that he can live out his new album once. His best friend, Ludwig Bergner, is the producer of Munich at the same time in the summer”. So Joseph brought up also in Studio work, because Louis can understand him and musically correctly implement his thoughts. Success numbers such as RadlMadl”get so a very personal touch. After all, the Radl Madl is also not blind invention of Texters, but pure inspiration from Joseph himself.

The Thoroughbred musician watched for weeks always a pretty, Bavarian Madl on his bike while he was sitting in his favorite Cafe in Schwabing. Today, the Radl Madl has become a good friend of him and is even with him on stage to perform the song. Also in the other songs Joseph Hannessschlager has used his personal adventures and experiences. Even Joseph Haggag Connor is an intuitive man with emotional depth, in songs like what you are experiencing”comes to the fore. The album is in

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