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Castle Halbturn Concert

Chamber music at the highest level and extensive classical music program on Schloss Halbturn already for the third time in a row held the year’s concert series Chateau classic. Schloss Halbturn initiated by Baroness Patricia Waldbott and the cultural association again well-known artists in the Seewinkel could be loaded. By the same author: Sela Ward. The many concert-goers enjoyed the outstanding musical performances of the musicians, as well as the historical ambience of the Chateau classic. The opening concert took place under the baton of Hans Peter Ochsenhofer in the Church of Halbturn. The two further performances were held in the Baroque Hall of the frescoes.

June 14, 2010, Halbturn. The Chateau classic series”forms a fixed point in the Pannonian culture calendar for three years and represents a musical enrichment for the whole Seewinkel. “Already to the opening concert on May 30th could 200 visitors be welcomed, in the Church of Halbturn the performances of the Orchestra Chateau classic” have heard. To read more click here: Sela Ward. At the second concert on June 5. pre-recorded”the fresco room of the Castle Halbturn Vienna Philharmonic brass soloists. Works by j.

Haydn on j. Strauss to L. v. Beethoven were offered. The final concert took place again on June 12 in the Baroque rooms of the Castle, which lured more 150 visitors. Each of the three concerts was a very successful event. I am pleased that we were able to present a program so varied and so renowned artists our numerous visitors. I’m already looking forward to the coming year and a continuation of our impressive event,”so Baroness Patricia Waldbott Lastly, as regards the success of this year’s concert series Chateau classic. “ Kulturpolitsche impulses for the Burgenland the basic idea of the Chateau classic concert series” is the inspiration for the enthusiasm of the music. Many students took advantage of the opportunity to attend the dress rehearsals, and then to discuss about culture and music with the artists at all concerts. The young people enjoyed the Exchange visibly with the musicians. The first-hand experience with a dress rehearsal was a special event for them. The classical music inspired the kids, encouraging them to a lively discussion with the artists. The cultural association has succeeded thus Schloss Halbturn accents new cultural policy, the Burgenland to make even more interesting especially the Seewinkel for tourism. “” Culinary and cultural events on the Schloss Halbturn before her concert the visitors of Chateau had classic “Alternatively, the running until 26 October on the Schloss Halbturn exhibition REVOLUTION of fashion from the mammoth fur to the mini skirt” to visit. Some visitors were still comfortably the evening after the concert at the restaurant Knappenstockl in the courtyard at homemade wine and regional delicacies, to finally stay in one of the 14 guest rooms. contact: Halbturn Castle A-7131 Halbturn Tel and fax: + 43 (0) 2172-8577 more events in summer on Schloss Halbturn half Turner Castle concerts on Saturdays in July & August 2010, at 19:30 garden lust on the Schloss Halbturn 3rd/4th/5th September 2010 printable pictures for free editorial use are in the press section under: the Kulturverein Schloss Halbturn thanks in the Austrian artist society (OESTIG) for allowing the promotion of youth and the emergence of the concerts.

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