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Damascus Steel

Especially their strength thanks Damascus knives the composite of steel produced in laborious hand work. Alternating layers are forged together here (based on the alloy) steel by hard and chewy or fire welded. The Steel Federation, which arises is very hard; on the other hand but also elastic. The technique used here is also called wrinkle: several layers are superimposed and welded in the forge. Then, Schmiedling in longitudinal or transverse direction is divided, again put together, and are once again forges. After a few repeat of sharing and again laying each other hundreds of layers are created. The different patterns on the surface obtained E.g.

by twisting (torsion Damascus) steel, through asymmetrical processing (wild damask), cut or stamp (pyramid, large and small roses, tape drives or waves damask). The Damascus steel are revealed the patterns, according to the hardened, fine ground or polished and etched. By the acid treatment, the layers of the knife out of Damascene light alloy or carbon content (nickel) or dark (manganese) color. The correct grinding technique missed the cutting edge of Damascus knives the correct focus. Knife keep increasing in households from Damascus. The advantages of damask knives compared to a conventional kitchen knife made of steel are obvious: hard and yet elastic blade remains the cutting edge even after heavy use due to their composition and processing hot damask knives must be ground rarely. The blade Damascus Steel is preserved almost in its form is optically definitely an eye-catcher and too bad, make it in the knife block “disappear”. Knives should be purchased from reputable manufacturers who place value on high quality processing of damask, from damask.

When proper care obtained a slightly more expensive product when compared to conventional kitchen knives then this but also very durable blades made of damask that much pleasure in the preparation of food. Because with a damask knife by knife maker Yasir Rajpoot, of all walks of life on a reliable product owners can trust. Professional craftsmanship always the feeling, to have not only an optical exclusive product the buyer here. A knife from Damascus Steel presents itself as a precision product, which seeks its equals and can be used for selected purposes. But who wants to go after less knife that has usefulness in the eye, but more his collectors passion as owners of a damask, buys just right. Because with a knife from Damascus knife artist Rajpoot you can trust absolutely that it is correctly positioned. Herbert Steindl

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