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Garden Planning – Expensive But Not A Book With Seven Seals

HVAC/r service Gregor Hyrenbach inform should impress the beloved garden with a new flower dress or other vegetable and fruit varieties achieve, are garden-planning work. Not always you need a horticulture experts for this purpose. It goes not just to public parks, commercial agriculture and the local Golf Club, it is sufficient usually completely if […]

The Sisal Rug – Pure Naturalness

The sisal rug – pure naturalness of to house the sisal rug has a very special character. It is the expression of pure naturalness. The sisal carpet of course also gives a special charm. There are also plant fibers, made of sisal carpet. The sisal carpet in various colors can then be inked. The sisal […]

Makeup For The Facade

Natural solid wood facades are silvery grey over time. So that the process is proceeding uniformly there is now a special glaze of graying. (tdx) Untreated wooden facades have a shimmering silver-grey patina that gives the House a very special shine during their aging process through weathering. Unfortunately, this natural greying process usually not at […]

Carnivorous Plants

There are carnivorous plants in many different types and sizes. So, the plant size varies from only a few centimeters to over a meter. In our nature, quite reside, for example, in the family of the sundew or varieties as well as with the Venus Flytrap that trap small amphibians and dragonflies and decompose. A […]

Exclusive Kitchen Countertops

Rosskopf & Partner AG has expanded its range in premium countertops for the kitchen again new premium countertops Rosskopf & Partner AG in autumn 2009. In cooperation with the Swiss manufacturer of wooden worktops, Enterprise wood plant in Montlingen, Rosskopf & Partner AG under the brand name xsyro wood offers now also high quality kitchen […]

Ecofriendly Heating

With wood, one decides for a CO2 neutral fuel! Heating without emission – alternative heating systems the concept of wood combustion is almost as old as mankind and as up-to-date in times of resource scarcity and environmental issues as never before: heating with wood is so environmentally friendly as only as much CO2 is emitted […]

Suitable For Every Home – Garage With Style

The company exclusive garages offers different prefabricated garages at a special price also the car needs a house order to be protected against external influences. Exclusive garages offers 120 standard garages types to choose from for this type of House – called garage -. But also special sizes belong to the service, since the structural […]

Skilled Person

Inner sleeves for your swimming pool, also custom made possible an own swimming pool as an alternative to the crowded outdoor pool who want not? But the joy is quickly tarnished if the liner is leaking and water loses the basin. Usually, the hole is very small and is not found by the pool owners […]

Ideal Insect Protection

Insect protection is particularly fierce products as environmentally friendly alternative to chemical agents during the summer months the fly and insect infestation. As in the warm season, mostly in the period from March to September, breed flies, insects and many other pests Rob the last nerve of us often. While many underestimate that the annoying […]

The Mediterranean

Is rounded off the patio furniture white or red textile requirements, perhaps in green? Lighting in terms of lighting is candle-lit very atmospheric, best in the form of lanterns, because they didn’t go out even with a fresh breeze. Otherwise, wall lights or adjustable halogen light, a very warm, Sun-like light, the intensity of which […]