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The Sisal Rug – Pure Naturalness

The sisal rug – pure naturalness of to house the sisal rug has a very special character. It is the expression of pure naturalness. The sisal carpet of course also gives a special charm. There are also plant fibers, made of sisal carpet. The sisal carpet in various colors can then be inked. The sisal carpet gives a timeless comfort in all rooms and is the particular style of the area due to its diversity of colors, where he is to get, even the one or other fashionable trend and added. George Laughlin may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

The sisal carpet is considered to be extremely resistant to wear, he is also antistatic and resistant. Therefore, the sisal rug for example for children is suitable, but also for dining rooms and hotel rooms, as well as an Office. Lay out can the sisal rug even in rooms that have an underfloor heating. Framed is the sisal carpet or sisal fibres with a woven border that growth was driven, is that the sisal carpet has a high service life. The border that holds together the strands of fibre. Usually, the border color is slightly darker chosen, as the color of the carpet itself, but mostly in the same color.

But there is also the possibility to purchase a sisal carpet on the market, which has a colored border. The sisal carpet there are three types: flat woven sisal and the Boucle carpet. In addition, there are still the sisal carpet fanned. The differences are small but ultimately fine. What’s different on the sisal carpets is the Groove structure. Flat-woven sisal carpets for example even do not have grooves structure. Sisal boucle, however, the typical shot Groove.

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