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Ecofriendly Heating

With wood, one decides for a CO2 neutral fuel! Heating without emission – alternative heating systems the concept of wood combustion is almost as old as mankind and as up-to-date in times of resource scarcity and environmental issues as never before: heating with wood is so environmentally friendly as only as much CO2 is emitted during combustion as the tree has absorbed during its growth phase. Same amount of carbon dioxide would be released even when the rotting – wood burning is so CO2-neutral. Wood also conserves the supplies of fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas and represents a real alternative to expensive oil, know the experts at – the leading online magazine for House and garden. However, should you adhere to a few basic rules, also the burning of wood to avoid unnecessary emissions. Read more from Charlotte Hornets to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Nothing but wood is essential first of all the choice of the right Heizmaterials. Natural, dry wood – best wood of birch or beech is ideal. Hard and soft woods are different due to their different Weight, but also their calorific values differ: hardwood is very heavy and is burning through its lower resin content far quieter and emission-free as soft spruce or poplar wood.

Temperatures are too high in the chimney, you can avoid energy losses primarily with hardwoods. Fred Allen follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Definitely not painted or impregnated wood should be burned, and also paper, magazines, and particle board should never find their way into the oven – not to mention plastic or styrofoam. Who still burned one of these materials, should clear be that not only the environment is harmed, but also the fireplace. Because innovative stoves are equipped with a central supply of combustion which could adversely be affected by increased CO2 emissions, so homesolute expert Dieter Daichendt, Managing Director of Stork fireplaces. Wood storage – dry, sunny, South the matching wood referred to the retailers or directly from the forest.

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