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Dell Siemens

In terms of technical helpdesk for IT products and electrical appliances, the call center and outsourcing service provider Yndeo and Siemens have agreed to close cooperation. Siemens has extensive experience in the design of international help desk solutions. The Yndeo-Siemens joint venture middle class mainly focuses on multilingual projects in the segment. To read more click here: Dorothy Kilgallen. The joint project sees itself as a communication interface, for example, between a manufacturer of IT products, the repair, and the logistics service providers, and of course the end customer who has for example a hardware problem. Also the typical help hotline for desperate PC or game console users offers Yndeo here in cooperation with Siemens.

Technical support extends from the pure telephone help to the remote repair via remote access to the client device in software or hardware problems. The joint venture can offer also online support via instant messaging. Yndeo offers the services together with Siemens for manufacturer or resellers, but also for medium-sized and large companies, which want to relieve your own IT Department. Technical helpdesk or support projects are often multilingual expire: currently, all major European languages, as well as a number of other languages are available. Yndeo Inc. Corporation is a marketing, call center and outsourcing services provider with an international orientation and works in 17 languages ( The call centre of the Yndeo networks are working for clients such as AVG, Dell, DHL, HP, Suddeutsche Verlag group, Transfracht and UniCredit Bank.

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