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Fashion Industry In The Online Check Trendweisend But Not In The Web

Overall, 43 percent of Web users informed 2006 fashion topics and 26 percent bought textiles on the Web. Reason enough for the online marketing agency, metapeople, and netaspect the company specializing in the optimization of Web offerings to focus on the theme \”Fashion on the Web\” in their first online business report. Eleven German-speaking Web sites of by renowned fashion brands with online shop, as well as the newcomer for individually printable T-Shirts Spreadshirt, were examined by the experts with regard to the implementation and the quality of search engine marketing. The report indicates that all surveyed fashion websites could have still a large potential for optimisation and stand in terms of discoverability in the Web, as well as the user experience much more media-friendly. The investigation of websites comprised ten criteria for the quality of their implementation. The expert conclusion turned out to be sobering, because many formal, substantive and conceptual weaknesses tarnished the visit of the famous textile brands.

Improvement shows can be found at confusing page structures, inadequate legal information as well as for missing advisory functions. The analysis of the suitability of fashion websites for search engines examined among others the presence and visibility, as well as the quality, or also the positioning in major search engines such as Google or Yahoo. The alarming result: Over 60% of the surveyed sites put no value on search engine marketing, which manifests itself in a bad presence and visibility. Overall, none of the twelve studied fashion websites reached a very good result and only a site (the newcomer Spreadshirt -) reached a good rating after seventeen test criteria. Yet the websites by Marc O made the best impression Polo, MEXX and s.Oliver, but all of which were rated only two stars out of four. Although the implementation of Nike site ( positively noticed the mark with regard to the search engine marketing showed on the sidelines.

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