Vacation in France

Floyd Rose

These trends in industry led to the fact that plants began to appear in Asian countries, producing goods with the same logo as their American counterparts and, but much cheaper – at the expense of cheaper labor and local natural resources. 'Turning to the individual', Fender has been actively developing the budget line of Squier Affinity in China, Gibson makes the Korean Epiphone, Ibanez has opened factories in India – one way or another, we now have the opportunity to become like his idol in a model of the guitar, not spending for her as much as was paid for the original. Naturally, there is loss of quality. It is foolish to believe that the guitar for $ 250 will be completely repeat the dignity of a musical instrument for $ 3500. But an inexpensive tool developed by the basic principles of expensive original, with repetition of those initial claims presented to the prototype, the difference – in, proceedings.

In principle – if you plan to include an electric guitar into a cheap amplifier, then the features and merits of expensive tools, which will cost you a few extra hundred dollars might not 'read' if the rest of the poor quality of equipment. Hence the choice of guitar, whether it is acoustic tool, it makes sense to be guided by three principles: 1) Why do I buy a musical instrument? 2) What I want to get a guitar, achieving its goal? 3) How much can I afford to spend on a guitar? Example 1. You have a desire to spend the amount of the order of 10-12 thousand rubles for any instrument, thus you can not safely call myself an experienced musician, versed in high-end and with precision tuned instruments. Again, more I would like to include a tool and as a set. Option to read clearly – Hoshino Gakki company has already arranged for beginner guitarists: beginner guitarist inexpensive set Ibanez GRX70DXJU includes the very electric guitar combo – and all this for your settlement amount. Example 2. You already have some experience using equipment from different manufacturers, and your priorities have already begun to take shape in a certain collective image suitable for you personally musical instrument.

Let's say it looks like this: guitar, thin neck, a bridge – such as Floyd Rose, locking for strings on the fingerboard, body – Maple + Mahogany sensors – minimum two Humbucker'a, color – from black to dark blue. The last factor, defining choice – your budget. If this is the range of 15-20 thousand, it is clear Ibanez RG-series – for example, Ibanez RG320DXFM. If the plan is to spend more respectable sum, we can look at Jackson DK2 Dinky. From these options can be found analogs of the south-east Asian origin, if your budget is very limited. The method of choosing bass guitar is identical to that just considered, the differences are only in the technical nuances. So way, formulating for himself with clarity the answers to three questions listed above, you can easily dial phone online music store 'ProfStsena' or write a request to our e-mail. You can be sure – we You find the right solution. Good luck in buying the tool and further work!

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