Vacation in France

General Sociology

Objectives that it has as function to prove true facts. E, however for science proves that one definitive thing is a true fact, the necessary science of the use of methods that evidence or methods that generalize, therefore nothing can be discarded, everything must be used, and to use some existing methods we must observe and to group, that is, to all store and any material, tests or even though phenomena for can be arrived at a conclusion. Then it can be said that knowledge is science, and that necessary science of methods to prove that everything what was studied is truth, that is, a thing if binds to another one. According to authors Science, scientific knowledge and methods serve to show to the person human being the world of the cultural and social experiences that comes since the antiquity until our days, however in the scope of the cientificidade. Workmanship to the interested academics of the nutrition course, professors and researchers sends regards to it to discover the literal prxis, in favor of the social one and of science from innumerable pistems. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez gathered all the information. The author Marina of Andrade Marconi is graduated Social History, Pedagogia, Studies and Artistic Education. She is doctor in Sciences (Anthropology) for the College of History, Right and Social Service of France – UNESP.

Is concursada teacher, having lecionado 16 years in the UNESP of France in the courses of History and Social Service. She is author of the book Scientific Methodology for the course of Right and coautora of Anthropology: an introduction, Scientific Methodology, Methodology of the Work. Scientific, General Sociology and Techniques of Research, published for Atlases. Beyond these books she is author of garimpos and goldwashers, Sung Folklore of the Coffee, Toys, Artesanato, Language and Folklore I, II and III. Eva Lakatos Maria is graduated Journalism for the College of Social Communication Csper Lbero and postgraduate in Social Sciences. Master and doctor in Sciences, Doctor in Philosophy (Scientific Methodology) and free-professor in Sociology, for the School of Sociology and Politics of So Paulo, where she was Vice-director. She is Teacher of Sociology and Scientific Methodology in graduation and after-graduation in these same institutions. author of Introduction to the Sociology of the Administration and co-author of Beddings of Scientific Methodology, Methodology of the Scientific Work, General Sociology and Techniques of Research, published for Atlases. Tailane Peace of Miranda, academic of the Course of Nutrition, first semester, for the Macapaense Institute of optimum Superior Education, Macap, Amap.

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