Vacation in France


And smooth "talking" to us the language of modern urban speech, language, friendly outgoing person. who did not get lost, do not dissolve in the crowd of millions, not has lost what is called the "soul". He found it and gave the listener to those pristine origins, which occur in childhood and adolescence, and remain with a person for life. Aesthetic credo Gladkova, beauty, conciseness and restraint. in his music absent in the extreme, whatever it was a strain, she is equally as shy zaum and bad taste or primitivism. Gladkov, primarily a lyricist, so the tunes certainly dominated in his music. He is gorgeous melodist, and this is the gift of the most rare. Official site: Brenda Barrett.

Smooth-great connoisseur of music genres and styles. which he played with virtuosity magician. Transformation of the genre and genre-modulation of his favorite compositional techniques. and the principle of generalization by genre – the leading principle of musical and dramatic composer's thinking. Therefore, we find that he has numerous, but diverse in nature waltz and foxtrot. Marches and tango, gallop. polkas and cancan. shimmy.

, ragtime, polonaises – all the diverse string of famous and popular in different times of genres. Same thing with vocal genres: ballads, songs. couplets, serenades, , limericks, wedding, teasers, recitative scenes. songs, ballads, hymns, all of this non-exhaustive list of the genre of wealth, which was subject to the composer, where there is no unbridgeable gulf between the genres of concert and street. village and urban, high and low. every genre has historically as pronounced signs of meter and rhythm, and typed melodic turns.

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