Vacation in France


First, the intervention level, has it necessity to come back its attention toward itself exactly e, honest, to make a rocking of its lives and the relations and interactions that create. Therefore, questions as: the quality of life, the leisure, the feeling of productivity and growth, the use of the creative potential for search of healthful adaptations structuralizes this level of intervention. Sela Ward has many thoughts on the issue. Is necessary to consider also all action that is being taken in direction to extend specter of information and sensitizations of professional in formation so that the conductuais traps and the estereotipados models that are passed to these can, gradual, to be moved, humanizando, thus, the formation. Thus we see that the life is first the one well that all the human beings have right. ' ' All we have right to be born, to grow, to age and morrer' ' ( BEYERS, 1995). Additional information is available at movie star. The death of a general form is the only certainty of life, a time that if constitutes in the crucial point of its existence. In accordance with the PRADO (1995), is perhaps the irrevocable character of the death coats that it with mysteries, seduction, curiosity and anxiety, being one of the biggest interrogations of the humanity.

For SOUZA (1982): ' ' the death is on to vida' '. According to COAST (1977), throughout the history of the man this question has despertado diverse feelings and innumerable reflections. Of general form, in the passage of its study and as the same one she has been treated, the anxiety and the fear generated by it leads to the negation for the society. MAGALHES et al. (1995) they affirm that today it is more difficult to face the death. For the nursing, to live deeply in the practical one and to take care of serious patients and in situation of imminent death is a great challenge (SAINTS, 1996).

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