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Last-minute Cooking Ideas From Germany

Our special gift idea for the celebration of solid sweet and savoury delights to the Festival with the Baden Swabian cooking and baking book series from Pascu publishing to the gift or promised you have still no plan what you should bring to Christmas on the table? Or need a gift at the last minute? Here comes the cooking and baking book series of the authors Baden Swabian duo Anne-Kathrin Bauer and Friedericke Godel is just right. By housewives for housewives easily made to the book series, proven recipes without extensive lists of ingredients and no-frills presents: a simple, down-to-Earth cuisine with common, readily available ingredients. Thus, the books of course also for cooking newbies are ideally suited and allow a good manageability through the spiral binding and the relatively large font. The series stands out consciously against the numerous glossy cookbooks and offers extensive added value through a variety of cooking tips and ingredient notes, their readers and readers the Some are packed in small, amusing stories. More information is housed here: Sela Ward. “This involves more than just pure cookbooks instead they give the reader as cooking reading books” in addition to the culinary delight also great entertainment and a good pinch of humor. Of course also Baden and Swabian dialect should not be missed.

With this concept, the book series follows the trend towards country life, the country wife kitchen and the good old days. As it contributes to the understanding of the two regions, which are United though 60 years in Baden-Wurttemberg, but not always so much like humorous, casual manner. so cook delicious in Baden and Swabia we bake delicious and popular recipes, tips, and stories.

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