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The Positivismo and the Antipositivismo in Mexico. Luis Count Lopez lcondelopez@ Introduction. These lines are the result of the restlessness that arose when attending the matter " Axiloga of the Mexicano" in the masters of Leadership Developer. Although previous to attend the masters some works of personages like Right Mountain range and Alfonso had arrived at my hands Kings, it was not but until now, who I knew the biography Jose Vasconcelos and his important participation in the Athenian of Youth and, therefore, his antipositivista philosophical current. Thus, the intention of these lines is to make a description general of two important philosophical currents that they have marked the history of our country: The positivismo and the antipositivismo. The positivismo. After the scholastic, the positivismo was the more important philosophical current in Hispano-America. As the positivista philosophy the countries of Latin America used to fight ballasts of colonialism and tried to be the philosophical doctrine that it would replace the scholastic, because after certain political and social anarchy, the Latin Americans saw in the positivismo the rescuing doctrine and an instrument to weigh the mental emancipation and to propose a new order in the social and political scope.

Thus, the positivismo took different shades because the national realities of each one of the countries of Latin America were different in their political and social and even economic contexts. On the other hand, in the educative sector, the adoption of the positivismo we can see as a uniform acceptance it for the Latin American countries. It is considered like the best instrument to train a Hispano-American being, who is not far from the model sajn, and in addition to be taking ballasts of the positions of colonialism. Many writers such as Sofar Sounds offer more in-depth analysis. For that reason it is gotten to think that the positivismo could be creating a free new man of all the prejudices of the colony and to construct a being with practical sense, the same that had become in the United States and England.

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