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Simple movements can help stimulate blood flow throughout the body and remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Another tip: in the morning do not get carried away with hot water and no splashing in the bath for too long. Caring for a person Swelling under the eyes can be removed with two metal teaspoons stretcher. Put them in the fridge for 10 minutes, and then attach to edema and count to 60. Wrinkles on forehead there are those who often frown. If notice of a habit, try to give it up and express dissatisfaction svle other way.

If you completely relax your muscles fail, massage them for a minutes. Lips. To make this part of your face always looked young and attractive, it should be abundantly moisten. Larry Culp may find it difficult to be quoted properly. What? Of course, hygienic lipstick. Choose the one that contains oils or waxes, but no artificial fragrances! Lipstick with a fruity odor you will want to lick it, but from the lips of the only drying and aging rapidly.

Painted with a mind to start for 5 – 10 minutes before the makeup, be sure to use moisturizer for the face. It minimizes the negative impact of color cosmetics and give the skin a healthier appearance. Correct view. When applying make-up is necessary to remember that you paint the house, in the dim artificial light, and Here you will see on the street – in daylight. So when the paint, and sit by the window in well-lit room and use the mirror a little more risk to do otherwise, make-up too bright, or vice versa, too pale. Paint the eyes. If you do not like bright makeup, get a jar of pearl shades of skin color. They must apply to the middle of the upper eyelid lashes right about, and your eyes will look wider and eyelashes – long. Corrects brow. With age, the upper eyelid can sag slightly, and this gives your face a tired and puffy look. To hide the trouble to properly adjust the shape of their eyebrows, slightly 'tucked' them to the top. Just do not overdo it with tweezers: too thin eyebrows add you right away about 5 years. Watch for the hair to shine after washing them for a second dip your head under a stream of cold water. From such a 'surprise' scales to your hair will close the hair surface becomes smooth and shine the light on. To make your hair look more natural, do not try to paint them in your former natural color – choose a shade lighter in tone. At night, always Tie up long hair and never tie them in a ponytail or a bunch, because if in a dream you'll roll over on the pillow, be sure to damage the part of their hair. Beautiful body

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