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Perfume – a heady breath of luxury to which we ourselves a ball, and a kind of communication tool, because with it we tell others about their health. Of course, this statement is true only when you have to each case there is a suitable aroma. For example, suitable for official receptions, "elegant" flavor. It […]

Face Care Cosmetics Crystal Youth

The technology, which became the foundation of all funds DeSheli, was scientific research for several years and after thorough testing, and testing was first introduced in the light and patented by DeSheli in 2008. Intillegentnye crystals became the basis for a cosmetic line designed, unique in resulting effect, helping to return the original youthful skin […]

Makeup Hair

Simple movements can help stimulate blood flow throughout the body and remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Another tip: in the morning do not get carried away with hot water and no splashing in the bath for too long. Caring for a person Swelling under the eyes can be removed with two metal […]