Vacation in France

Michael Karp

The new single from Michael Karp – because I love you always, in fact: since his ninth year, he wanted to be a singer, says the trained retail merchant MICHAEL KARP regularly with fervor when he is asked for his ultimate passion. And so, native Wuppertaler with panache, skill and constant diligence has over 20 years an excellent reputation in the local pop scene each. “” He collaborated E.g. Perhaps check out Tony Parker for more information. with his famous genre-mate Olaf Hennig, interpreted attributed versions of world hits a la American Pie”(Don McLean) or Only You” (the flying pickets”) or went along with the originating in Antwerp, folk singer Chris Ellis as renewed duo Ann & Andi” labao, offering on tour. After the owner of own music publishing published also as a soloist around a handful of long playing albums and numerous singles and Maxis after the Millennium, he now came into new musical realms and signed a contract with TOI TOI TOI records, the in Hamburg-Harburg-based pop label by Peter Sebastian. “This now in the Wetcat Studio produced a brand new single with him: because I love you”, Michael’s debut in his new company, is an extremely sensitive, endearing romance pop hits, is working up of more restrained subdued stanzas to a true feeling of excess of faster pace.

Stylistically, the noble Earwig personally conceived by the Recklinghausener composers Mario Mertens and Peter Sebastian between the more recent titles by Andreas Martin, Andrea Berg, or the gently rocking Bernhard brink-pop hit of the blond miracle era is how she lives and breathes,”instead and is thus ultimately everything in itself, requires proof of a successful, catchy Sung love of first grade in the context of light entertainment, to future part to stir up the radio stations of the BR Germany. “Because I love you” is a way everyday, as in the other time wonderful set, the every person by his partner, his partner, simply by a dear person, always happy to hear MICHAEL KARP has, in conjunction with his new producer and his team, an always sound very tasty, always nachempfindbares also easily created to remember German pop gem of extraordinaire, now finally a with its warmth, love, and intimacy the spring 2013 for can befall all of us! , Latest single is found also on MICHAEL KARPS nuanced more more rate/rhythm Danny top mix in addition to an additional radio mix””. “Because I love you” is a profound and emotional hit in all versions..

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