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It was at this time, as muscles are relaxed, and the cerebral cortex is in a state of least excitation. Tony Parkers opinions are not widely known. This is the accepted time for purposeful self-suggestion, since, on the one hand, people is in a state of relaxation, on the other hand, in the cortex of his brain there are no foreign experience, which prevent cause the image of the state, which he himself vnushaet.Chtoby self-hypnosis to be effective at the beginning need to define its purpose and objectives, and only then start to compile verbal formulas. Words and phrases autosuggestion should mentally pronounce the first person and certainly in the affirmative, imperious tone. Moreover, the negative particle "not" in verbal formulas excluded. For example, we can not say "I do not smoke" because of the perception of dormant rights particle 'not' fall, and remains, "I smoke." The correct formula in this case is: "I quit smoking" or "I quit smoking." If you can not say the autosuggestion long monologues, but at the same time, each phrase in different variations need to be repeated several times. Sentences should be short say they need to be slow, with full focus on the subject of suggestion.

During the pronunciation of each phrase of auto-suggestion must be bright, vividly see what is instilled. No need to hurry up: after each phrase should be done pauzu.Tolko respecting these rules, exercising regularly, you will be able to master the skill of psychological self-regulation and through auto-suggestion form in their desired traits, such as volevye., you would like to learn how to make a strong and unnecessary anxiety, which sometimes occurs in the classroom waiting for the call during the exams, tests, or to deliver a presentation. Excitement is always hampered case. With great excitement at the person confused thoughts, he is aware of their bad actions, admits a lot of errors. Why? One nervous process, which occurs in certain brain structures, activates around opposite process, and if there arose two opposing neural processes (excitation and inhibition), they reinforce each other. This law was discovered by Pavlov and called the law of simultaneous induction of nerve excitation and .Kogda people worried, he appears very strong focus of excitation in emotional centers of which are located under the bark of the cerebral hemispheres of the brain (the subcortex). Great excitement in the subcortex of the law of simultaneous induction activates the opposite process (inhibition) in the cortex. Cora is the cerebral hemispheres of the human brain – the material basis of his thinking and conscious activities.

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