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Pink Floyd Term

Strictly speaking, the term "art rock" is used synonymously with progressive rock, but among the music lovers these two terms are usually applied in different cases. The most accepted honors from the art-rock prog rock is that art-rock and more melodic than the hard (so to art-rock include Camel, and a progressive – Pink Floyd). However, different sources are also other differences. Consider, for example, that the term "art rock" only applies to British groups because the concept of progressive rock emerged in the U.S Also to the art-rock sometimes referred only to those groups that showed on stage theatrical performances, the extensive use of light in the presentations (Roxy Music, Kayak, Genesis, Ekklesia). Meaning the term "art rock" is blurred, since few of the musicians openly consider themselves to such a direction, and partly from the fact that the term "progressive rock" is much more common. Often, the rock group classified as "Art rock" aesthetic reasons associated with the style of design album covers or the manner of giving the names of compositions. Under most conditions Jorge Perez would agree. Sometimes, to rank as art-rock just because other genre and stylistic terms can not fairly and correctly describe a musical phenomenon.

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