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The anonymous buyer company, which has developed over the years on eBay, is of employees on eBay and also of the future eBay CEO, John Donahoe, overlooked. At auctions is another offered targeted buyers, later the seller, higher quality product down to blackmail. If the evaluation strategy goes on, there will be some vendors who also with smear – do–bidding to lose not your Reportation by a negative or neutral rating. In particular, it meets this seller, which are entered into a dependency on eBay. The different structures of the dealer in the same platform, the buyer is partly reckless and expects the same “treatment” as a “garage shop” with its 10 products as well by the Distributor, which moves large amounts on its goods economy. Donahoe wants to prevent with his introduction of the so-called revenge reviews. These were for the buyer auction house in fact an issue in eBay. Who badly reviewed a seller, had to worry about before the May 22, 2008, that he received also a negative rating in return.

As I by our eBay employee I know this also practiced it and established with: “The only force to put an end to drive some buyers, in addition to the fact that buyers have been blocked.” Immoral and not suitable I would say outside Chief of the own company. As a buyer, however, I support the change of course Donahoe takes and think of him as a fair and correct. Our eBay employee, which I diligently and confidently assess as loyal, changed his human qualities in these words and put facts on the table, I can no longer evaluate to the benefit of the buyer after pausing proclaimed concerns. What is a PowerSeller? A distribution label, when it comes to star. Many insurance companies use the same emerging marketing concepts.

One more star, a stage further, a silver pen for success. Products of the seller on the Internet only makes it better? A contact person in the home for every power sellers at the gold level. Even the reception in our home the voice of this employee does not know until today. The Lotex companies had this status. Emails remain unanswered in the home. Although but eBay sets an individual rule for sellers, which valued the mutual partner communication. PayPal as a duty, if a seller does not meet the self-proclaimed criteria of the House eBay. Finally provided some articles, how much packaging fees may indeed be. Policy maintain our system for everyone. Only, just rules should not unilaterally be moved, because this leads to resentment and envy. Two negative attitudes that harm others and are written down in the first act of the story in the 10 commandments, for 2000 years. Thats eBbay auction a success story, that his same looks. You opened, all watching the sellers as well as buyers, outside their box. This admire and I guess. But with rabid means to achieve goals, to stop this success. The reflection is a good place to start. eBay can and will recover its seriousness, if both sides which are being wooed by eBay, will get the chance, that use system to. The now proposed a change of course can go well, Mr Donahoe. But an once-lost customers, no matter whether seller or buyer, to win, is difficult. As mutual users, I do think, though, risk too much with this aim.

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