Vacation in France

Roland Kaiser

The new best of from Roland Kaiser – gold for nearly 40 years is Roland Kaiser on all formats, featuring high-quality pop music, and to find. Whether TV shows, entertainment shows, Gala performances or open airs in all aspects he was and is he boundlessly Imperial”. Last year he also celebrated his 60th birthday. He created and presented songs of the first category! Always a highlight furore – in the charts and on-site at the pulse of time – his fans. Alone with his three Kaisermania celebrated open airs in early August in Dresden 34,000 visitors to the exhibition grounds on the banks of the Elbe with. In a question-answer forum Charlotte Hornets was the first to reply. The charming artist could once again to enchant his many loyal fans and true joy dance move. It is therefore long overdue – an album that includes everything the fan wants.

His classics “Joana”, to love you “,”Midnight Lady”u.v.m., up to his current hits”you were sexy ever”,”We are longing”and”Peace offering”is offered on this CD about. Well its current top hits “Egoist” and “The one time I forgive you” reached in the airplay charts number one rankings and should of course not be missing on this CD. With “tell me once again, I love you no longer” is a new, unpublished number on the CD. “To love you”, his classic is an amazing Duet with Andrea Berg and therefore unique! What a new best of! There is only a label of “GOLD”!

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