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Salzburg Entrepreneur

Only a few companies are professionally on the Internet present Sybersix Europe Internet marketing online shopping guide and business directory for consumers and businesses in the State of Salzburg by over 20,000 businesses in the State of Salzburg (Austria). The potential economic profit and competitiveness with an own Internet presentation is often underestimated. The “Cybersix Europe” is a new Internet platform which offers all entrepreneurs in the Salzburg country the possibility of in-house to be present with a multimedia company profile in the Internet. The system customers and companies bring closer together, the company itself in the Internet and encourages also the international presence on a central platform. On the the company, can in addition to the master data, make the company advanced information, publish a wide variety of media and with a multimedia company profile shine – this completely free of charge and without obligation. The company is subject to a rigid entry forms. Each company profile is entered into the directory by hand with agreement, and accordingly exactly adapted to the wishes of the company. The company profiles are listed in the most popular search engines and available to the public without restrictions.

All forms of companies such as for example also municipalities, offices, health care, emergency facilities, charities are supported, and much more. The services are in the context of promoting Salzburg’s economy from the initiator free available for Mr Treichl and supervised. Interested entrepreneurs from the Salzburg province can immediately refer this free under the Internet address “” and win new customers or business partners.

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