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New Perspectives

This article has as proposal to study the theoretical lines that they search to identify the forms of communication of the deaf person, as well as, the functionality of its thought. For the theoreticians of some airs, this subject caused many quarrels and discoveries, which had revolutionized science around the language, being that this last […]


Let us ask ourselves – what we value most in products that consume, in cars, on which we go in the clothes that we carry? The answer is likely to be one – quality. The joy of things, bought cheaply be of short duration, if the item is of poor quality. Breaking a car is […]

Salnikov Victoria Image

Modern life is unthinkable without the digital technology that is safe to conquer new areas of production, including design. And here the question arises as used in the production methods storage of design documents meet the requirements of modernity? Many engineering departments continue to use traditional paper media, which take up much space, wear out […]

Interaction Between

The interaction between the family and the school is each more difficult and scared time. She is necessary that something special in the school happens so that the unit obtains to congregate the parents in one same event. this would not have in such a way to be, is necessary to understand that the family […]

My English

From my own experience. On arrival in Austria, where they speak German, I already owned in English, and it played a cruel joke with me. I have not had the need to communicate to nemetskom.A why? My English everybody understands! 'That's how you teach German, so I speak! " – I thought. No such luck […]


Here you have the opportunity to engage in virtually any sport. From communicating with the students know that they give preference to the game of football. Universities often hold competitions. The Czech team can compete with Russian or Ukrainian, and some teams have a mixed composition. In addition, public universities Czech Training is a compulsory […]