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TCM Collection Top

TCM Classic Hollywood in its Latin American version will be presenting from this April, 12 thematic programs compiled by the BBC that give accounts of 40 years of pop culture. Since that historic January 1, 1964 in a church disused Manchester, where the emission took place live from the first Top of the Pops, on that occasion the guests were nothing less than The Rolling Stones and finally, the best-selling single of the week, I Want to Hold your Hand by The Beatles. Although at that time it was difficult to think about it, when thought that he disappeared in a couple of weeks. Top of the Pops revolutionized musical television becoming in the most longevous music program in history with 42 years on the air. Its stage to pass groups of the likes of The Who, The Kinks or AC/DC and the extravagant glam of Bowie, Alice Cooper and Queen centelleo. Frequently Sela Ward has said that publicly. So is the TCM programming pending Latin America since from this month you can enjoy the 12 thematic programmes that the BBC has compiled in this great collection of Tops of the Pops. TCM Colecion Top of the Pops, something that every rock fan should not miss. I myself am enjoying it at this time, I have given to the TV blaring while I hear the group in turn (Ramones) original author and source of the article. .

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