Vacation in France

The Benrather Schloss

Several suburbs are older than the town and are well worth a visit. This includes Gerresheim with the Quadenhof and the former collegiate church of St. Margareta. Kaiserswerth has an eventful history of the city, which can be traced back to the 8th century in the northern area of the city. The small, today still idyllic-looking place was more powerful base of German kings and emperors for centuries. Today, the Imperial Palace built by Emperor Barbarossa is a lovingly maintained ruin. The pen place rings is to the collegiate church dating back to the 11th century with a Lady of perfect date highly recommended escort Dusseldorf one of the most beautiful and atmospheric places in the lower Rhine region and for a romantic getaway.

Castle Benrath (1755-1773) with his 63-acre park belongs to the Main attractions of Dusseldorf. The interplay of park landscape and architecture is unique. Designed as a pleasure and hunting palace by Nicolas de Pigage, for the Prince-elector Karl Theodor, was the castle for that time far outside the city. Today, it can be in only five minutes by taxi from the train station, within easy reach the Castle. The Benrather Schloss is regarded not only as the most important garden Castle of the late baroque in the lower Rhine region, but is also one of the most beautiful palaces of in Europe. Cast by the castle gardens of pleasure, together with your beautiful escort Dusseldorf and be jointly inspired by the sensual atmosphere… “” Generous parks form a green axis crosswise “by Dusseldorf from the Rhine to the Rhine”. While ranging exoticism of the Japanese garden in the North Park of traditional garden in the courtyard of a touch to the natural habitats in the South Park. Enjoy perfect date with your Escort Lady in Dusseldorf but even a lunch of a special kind, for example a romantic picnic…

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