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WDR Music Club Vote

Vote for more hard rock in the WDR2 radio introduced POWERBALL in the WDR2 Music Club! Great joy band “POWERBALL”, which is at home in the District of BOCHUM. In the popular show “Music Club” by the WDR2 the band newly presented on Wednesday with its current title of “JOURNEY” and wants the week victory against 2. Then the band again for a week in the Bandvoting of the WDR2 Music Club stands. The rock and metal fans must vote so much for “POWERBALL”.Once again rock and metal is on the radio! The band potential in North Rhine-Westphalia is huge but unfortunately all newcomers are unlikely to gain a foothold in the hard music scene. That is why the WDR2 has created this platform just over a year ago. You may want to visit Tony Parker to increase your knowledge.

Here bands from NRW can apply, which do not have contracts with record companies. Conditions are professional recordings of bands that are broadcast capable.This is the case with Powerball with the album “Thank you for tomorrow”. There are 7 Professional Tips title. The winner of the week are each with a short description and photos (including music) and maximum three on Wednesday unveiled new bands. Each weekly winner will be again with other candidates in the following week the choice. One creates it, three times in a row to be weekly winners at the Bandvoting, you get an extensive interview in the WDR2 Music Club, with a played some tracks from the albums. Also increases the chance in this way in diePlayliste by the WDR2 to be recorded. So, if you want that comes Hard Rock / rock music back into the radio, if you want, the Powerball comes on the radio, vote vote vote! Here is the link to the now again (all the songs click below!): music/szenenrw/kwvier10 your Navio silver

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