Vacation in France

Emotional Process

Whenever we set out to realise a change of habits in order to achieve an objective we underwent a great emotional outbreak, this happens because our life loves the habits and it gets used to living with them. Therefore many people wish to see changes in their life but without changing to they themselves, that he is illogical, to change to itself is one of the most difficult tasks that she can have mainly if we wished to do it of radical form, but is possible and satisfactory. You must remember that the mind loves the habit and that are very slow to act, to obtain it is necessary a great determination, the emotional process that we must happen before a new idea settles in our mind keeps the following step: Danger: When to our mind new instructions occur him that a totally opposite direction of which has normally it has come doing it feels a great fear and it sends messages powerful to stay in the same position, this can be experimented when a person wishes to leave an addiction or when we set out something that is new and very different in our life, the majority of the people cannot surpass this stage because it is the most difficult part, that is metaphorically implies to give the first impulse to a great rock. Negation: Many people apostatize of the price that must pay to obtain the goal, and say this is complicated, never I imagined that she demanded as much time, people does not support, East etc. to me point also is quite complicated because on the one hand we wished to materialize the goal but we are noticing the difficulties that imply to carry out it. Anger: Normally when an idea does not leave as originally we thought we felt frustration, is normal is only part of the process.

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