Vacation in France


The life is a nectar that there is to learn to savor does not have it forms to know what is the life more than living, being alive, flowing, savoring it everything with her. If you look for the meaning of the life in some dogma, in a certain philosophy, in a theology, they ten by certainly you will lose in fights and intellectual discords. the intellect cannot recognize what is the life the intellect cannot know the flavor the life and its meaning. The life is not hoping to you nowhere, the life is something that happens to you, is alive and it shows the mysteries to you to be alive. The life is not the future in as a goal that you do to reach, is here and now, at this same moment, your breathing, the circulation of your blood, barking of your heart. Any thing that you are is your life if you put yourself to look for meaning elsewhere, you will lose the opportunity to know the flavor the life. The certain thing, that every one in the measurement that has been identified totally and so it represents the opportunity to live, to be totally identified with that chance, to remove benefit to him while it is allowed us to be, must know how to savor it, without giving capacity to everything what to mer the capacities to me energetics of the enthusiasm, of the manifestation of feelings, emotions in all its capacities that generate happiness, authenticity. The dependency is due to avoid at all costs, manipulation alienation interference that decreases the maximum joy to savor ours intensely to live. Tomorrow it can be too much behind schedule and we do not know if really we will be in that morning. In the personnel when returning of my state of comma of 9 days, I remember to me of some facts where it believed to be a dream and the importance was stressed to me of carrying out my roll based on my growth intensely, taking advantage of the time, remembering, as it happened to me, not to know when it is the call and that it can be the definitive one, that has become to give me.

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