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Action Ethnic

To whom it benefits this alarm untied by the ascent from the prices of the cereals that picked up some Bags? One is tsunami neither of a bad exceptional harvest, nor of an unexpected drought. Some powers are shaking the ghost of the hunger to terrify the populations, and to try to justify the security […]

Provincial Law

The Formation of the Village of Saint Antonio of the Willow is on to the history of the S Family, with the disappearance of the boy Raymond de S, son of Manuel de S Arajo in a cattle farm that belonged to the Clientele of Cabrob. It passed to the clientele condition, in 1853 under […]

New Land

Still in this fifth chapter, the references are turned toward souvenirs of the imaginary one of the author, myths and legends that had marked its infancy, using themselves of small descriptive texts and narrative writings still in the adolescence to homage, in some way, the city of Parnamirim and the facts that had occurred with […]

Pretty Rock

In 1897, the arraial of Canudos was destroyed by troops of the Army. The mstico-religious direction of the sebastianismo also contributed for the appearance of folclricas manifestations in Brazil. It has legend registers on the return of Dom Sebastio, as of the Magic Bull and of King Sebastio. In the vision of Barbarian Elisa Polastri, […]