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Emotional Process

Whenever we set out to realise a change of habits in order to achieve an objective we underwent a great emotional outbreak, this happens because our life loves the habits and it gets used to living with them. Therefore many people wish to see changes in their life but without changing to they themselves, that […]

Dynacord Output

To get the power levels of the order of 2500 W / 4 ohm amplifiers must produce peak output voltage of 180 … 200 V. After a period of intensive research, developers Oupaso concluded that at present the above requirements with the existing hardware components can meet only two classes of power amplifiers: Class 'O' […]

The Secret Lies In The Thought Control (Part 1 Of The Conference )

Are we all want that we want to be? Let’s talk a little about the conditions found it difficult to be overcome … Is there not a sense that one already is and that’s the end of history? … However, alongside all of us keep a place in the mind an image of what “could”, […]