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Hermitage Wines

Negroamaro is used mostly for blending wines, but also for varietal wines and provides excellent fruity, strong alcohol and long-lasting red wines. -Pinot Noir Pinot Noir is one of the best and noblest red wine grapes in the world. She is responsible for the fine, heavenly scented and very sensual red wines of Burgundy. In […]

SIP Dom Perignon

Informative and entertaining: Internet-portal of BDP GmbH kidnapped a definite sense of thirst you felt in the world of fine sparkling wine after some browsing on this Web site and is trying to bring out one of the long-stemmed glasses, the a bottle, waiting for that special occasion, been awhile and listen on the sensual […]

Castle Halbturn Concert

Chamber music at the highest level and extensive classical music program on Schloss Halbturn already for the third time in a row held the year’s concert series Chateau classic. Schloss Halbturn initiated by Baroness Patricia Waldbott and the cultural association again well-known artists in the Seewinkel could be loaded. By the same author: Sela Ward. […]