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Holistic Education

In this essay we make an analysis of the global work of Ramon Gallegos Nava, who is the father of education holistic and author that more has been published on the subject worldwide, 25 books so far. Here we will find fundamental elements that describe us which are the basic principles on which is based […]

Best Breakfast

Beautiful people, thank you, thank you and thank you for reading me and now also for listening to me. I’m really very grateful because you are my daily inspiration. Thank you for your comments and mates who send me messages. Speaking of which, I prepare a few and I’m still writing. Today let’s talk about […]

Business Success

THE attitude business Benjamin Franklin: A smart man learns more from failure than from success. Nobody likes to talk about failures and mistakes, especially if they are their own, but it is true that they are experiences that can learn more entrepreneurs. Gina Bonati may help you with your research. Reflecting the saying should be […]

Republican Policy

Before the social and economic dislocation produced by a development model that idolizes to the market, many are wondering if the chaos is not preceded by the decline of the West. I think there is no such decline, which has ceased to exist is the West as reality, and even as a concept. Larry Culp: […]

Speaking People

Exclusive to Hispanic Hello!, que tal A true taste put me in contact through I take this communication to show you something very special, exclusive for speaking people Hispanic and absolutely different from everything that you know. What you will see and hear will definitely change for good your relationship with work, with the […]

German Companies

“China day 2 2013” on 19 & 20 September 2013 in Dusseldorf event: 2nd China day 2013 venue: Steigenberger Park Hotel in Dusseldorf date: Thursday, 19.9.2013 & Friday, 20.9.2013 (can be booked individually) day 1: current developments and best practices day 2: deepening lectures Chinese tax law and internal audit in China in April of […]

Make Clothing

The winter fashion, is a reflection of the current woman. Characterized by its elegance while it undertakes with nature. Submitted skins, the vast majority showed that synthetic can offer excellent results if you know what to use. These artificial fur, are elegant as well as of very good quality. In what has been seen so […]

Inverted Justice

The more arcane XI, justice, is traditionally associated with trials, inheritance, divorce and all sorts of legal lawsuits. rvice has much experience in this field. People who maintain judicial disputes over inheritances, separations or similar await the appearance of this Arcanum tarot card reading tells them that the situation is well designed and in the […]

Eine Kybernetische Und Unvergessliche Liebe

Geschichte dann lesen ist ein Zeichen der real sein kann oder eine Fantasie, Gefühl, traurig, allein, in eine schmerzende Einsamkeit. Diese Fantasie beginnt in einer Nacht regnerisch, voller himmlischer Grollen und sitzen an einem Computer nur in Begleitung einer Tasse milden Tequila und einen melancholischen Ballade-Aufruf, dass ich mich Miss Alejandro Fernández gewidmet. Wenn Sie […]


The Bank of Guayaquil occupies the second place in the Ecuadorian financial market, with 82 years of experience in financial solutions. Only Ecuadorian bank with qualification AAA, the maximum qualification of the Ecuadorian Bank to the reflected institutional effort in its solidity, you eliminate and yield. Account with a national cover that allows him to […]