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Laptop Care

Why prevent the laptop. Many are skeptical of the computer the prevention, diagnosis periodic notebook. But in vain! The analogy with the safety standards the car. For some reason, many car owners pass inspection in due time (time at all different, all depends on the type of car and dr.harakteristik) and do not regret it, […]

Saladillo Products

Mont-Soliu presents lots artisans to Mont-soliu Christmas presents for Christmas as a novelty its lots of craft products. Lots of Mont-soliu are composed of craft products from producers associated with the Mont-Soliu platform, and represent a sample of the quality of our producers, as well as proximity since they show the origin of the products […]

Chateau Thurnau Bamberg

Upper Franconian industry discussed current trends in 4th IT entrepreneurs event at Chateau Thurnau Bamberg / Thurnau, 21.06.2011. On June 30, 2011 the upper Franconian IT companies and IT managers meet event 4 IT entrepreneur on Schloss Thurnau near Bayreuth. Hagen Abdur Rahman, Managing Director service at T-systems, talks about the major trends in the […]

Wystan Auden Cafe

Often gathered here representatives of artistic bohemia. These walls remember Carlo Goldoni, the great playwright and a connoisseur of human characters (not here whether he drew inspiration from watching the visitors?), the famous heart-throb Giacomo Casanova, who loved this cafe because it was the only one in Venice, where women were allowed. Among them were […]