Vacation in France

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My English

From my own experience. On arrival in Austria, where they speak German, I already owned in English, and it played a cruel joke with me. I have not had the need to communicate to nemetskom.A why? My English everybody understands! 'That's how you teach German, so I speak! " – I thought. No such luck […]

Theater Concerts

Today we'll talk to you about the drama shooting, it's nothing like photographing theater and circus performances, concerts with music-making, performances of street artists. Art theater photography is not as simple as it might seem at first sight, and do not be deceived footlights, dressed actors who take a beautiful posture during the action. Sure […]

City Of Verona

Tourists coming to Verona, begin sightseeing from the area of Bras, an ornament which serves the famous Arena. Arena – a Roman amphitheater, the second largest in Italy after the famous Colosseum. By the way, older than the Coliseum Arena for forty years. Today, Verona Arena is one of the most prestigious opera houses in […]

Muscovites Theater

The first play of the theater "Comedie Francaise" – a big event for the Muscovites, for lovers of theater and theatrical figures. I'm not speaking as a critic. To make informed critical analysis of performance is necessary to look more than once. Therefore, in my judgments today covers only the first thoughts, my admiration that […]