Vacation in France

My English

From my own experience. On arrival in Austria, where they speak German, I already owned in English, and it played a cruel joke with me. I have not had the need to communicate to nemetskom.A why? My English everybody understands! 'That's how you teach German, so I speak! " – I thought. No such luck bylo.Rezultat? Even the possession of German at a good level, I had a long and stubborn silence, as ryba.Ya already learned to write (and this, in my opinion, much more difficult than talking), but speaking as if somewhere stuck and every time I tried to say the proposal, collected the words together, but they did 'not going'. And this is despite the fact that I could would write it grammatically correct sentence for 5-10 seconds. You have no idea how strict the teacher evaluated my writing essays! As a consequence, was postponed at the subconscious mind: no errors! So, I thought, at least 30 seconds before say something, in my opinion, perfect. Conclusion: I have studied a second language on the basis of a foreign language, and this was my mistake.

Proper advice. Once you select a suitable method of studying a foreign language and begin to grammar and vocabulary, it is necessary from time to time 'try' it for themselves as a second language. The more you talk, the more effective learning. Results will zhdat.Sovetuyu search for friends correspondence, and at first to correspond until you are at the primary level. Further mandatory transition to oral communication. Here will serve as an excellent means of Skype or something similar.

Do not waste a single minute. If you're staying home alone Take the opportunity to talk to. Speech quality is not important – talk to themselves and to themselves, pronouncing all vsluh.Sobstvennye thoughts aloud or dialogue with the cat – it's effective, and if also a habit, it becomes your little secret on the way to uspehu.I think in the language! Another of my techniques, but rather support – learning the language through songs. Believe me, sing with your favorite songs in their language gives confidence. In addition it interesting and not so intrusive as to memorize the words of the book. You sing songs, and sooner or later, they themselves are deposited in your memory, all the interesting structures that represent a 'live', rather than literary language. Curious? So what are you waiting for? Forward, as they say, with the song! So you need patience and perseverance (as well as without it?), Literature, music and socializing. All together will bring excellent results, and do not hesitate. And I wish you good luck and fun in learning!

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