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Theatre Festival

“, says Artistic Director Tom Kraus and so refers to the motto of the 11. World children’s Theatre Festival. Make your dream!”calls, to believe in the reality-altering power of his dreams and to implement them in practice. Park of dreams”in the all-day Park of dreams on the festival grounds to make sensual participants and visitors […]

April Footprint

For 35 years each April 22 the world celebrates the earth day, a date that seeks to bring to the reflection to the millions of men and women who populate the planet and who are committed to their destruction, in one way or another or being more optimistic, with its preservation. This year, the world […]

Paintings Arts & Culture Inserts

The inserts are a visual trick to connect with all creation, is driven style inserts for the purpose of generating awareness of our spirituality, our divinity. we are spiritual beings with human experiences, not human beings with spiritual experiences, God is in inside each one of us, in all creatures, in plants, we are connected […]

The Burning Crusade

In light of the release of the new additions to the popular online game World of Warcraft – Cataclysm, unfolds a new advertising campaign Blizzard, but because there are many people who want to play this game online. Naturally we will go to online game official servers. So where do you start a beginner? To […]

Ten Ways To Make New Year Resolutions That You Can Actually Hold !

Are you one of millions of people who make big New Year’s resolutions each year, only to see those resolutions fall by the wayside a few days or weeks later? Would you like to be able to set New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep? It may be easier than you think! Choose your resolutions […]

The Contrary

It may be colorblind, may just want to annoy. At the time you give the reason for the person, their intentions lose energy and avoid an argument. My mom always told me when I was little: "When you do not want, two do not fight." Do the following exercise: Agree with your wife or husband […]

First Time Cruisers

Would you like to try a cruise, but are not sure if you really like? Some people are intimidated about making a commitment of seven days for a cruise vacation. What if you experience dizziness? What if they feel claustrophobic? For some people, these are very real concerns. If you experience any of these fears, […]

The Activities

The majority of Gypsies live today from peddling, but this working activity is hampered by the reluctance of local authorities to facilitate permissions for sale. Other activities in which working Gypsies, very distant from the previous ones, are the agricultural activities, collecting paper or scrap, antiques, and even the art world. Larry Culp has many […]


It is of my page q is. is. TL / Oswaldo was not summoned by injury; Omar Bravo does appear there are three naturalized there are no players from Chivas that will play Libertadores the coach of the Mexican national team, announced the call for the friendly match against Bolivia on March 11, which will […]

Karl May

Cultural history with wine, porcelain and Karl May In addition to the beautiful scenery, the Saxon wine route has to offer also a wide range of cultural insights. During a short trip, the numerous castles and chateaux visitors can visit and get an insight into the past of this region. For wine lovers the WeinErlebnisWelt […]