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Discovering Lanzarote

The island of Lanzarote like the other in this Spanish archipelago against the coasts of western Africa, are considered like a place of vacations of sun, with beaches crowded and animated social gatherings. By all means that can find that type of attractions in Lanzarote, but one directs the glance to the great towns of […]

Baile Flamenco Dancing

Mankind has always sought various ways to express their tastes and trends, and seek activities that are to your liking and enable fun and fully enjoy every moment you live while doing this activity. Thanks to this constant search have generated many activities, which and the content of these depend largely on where he finds […]

Red Hot Persuasion Wizard

Want to know the secret? Here it is. View images. It's as simple as that. Our mind communicates with our body using images. You know the thought of people angry with you can adversely affect your health. Otherwise, picturing yourself resting in your favorite vacation spot can relieve some stress. Take this exercise. Imagine all […]

Inna Nirenburg

The real learning begins when you get used to listen to that small, still voice and follow their guidelines. By being yourself and being true to its single internal impulses which are then able to live their full potential, in full alignment with your true self. That's where the meaning is. And that is the […]