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As a result of this competition, autumn is granted the eighth place among the forty-seven contestants, and epic singing the glories of Chile, the first prize, the poet shares with a blue friend Chilean colleague collected a series of poems and prose texts that had already appeared in the Chilean press between December 1886 and […]


With these qualities, the animator can captivate any audience on the dance floor, even if the guests are exhausted from the distractions and just crave for raspolztis numbers that would get some sleep. The whole maelstrom continues for at least 8 hours a day, demanding the full return of the animator. Tony Parker: the source […]

Charles Lindholm

It has been misunderstood the term charisma, considering it as a halo of personality of strength, beauty and power. In reality the charismatic leader is one who focused on relationships, sorts and uses commitment their talents, gifts and resources, for the benefit of others, allowing them to grow and evolve. To read more click here: […]

Prince Bentesina

For his luck, troops of amorite militiamen appeared in such crucial time and equal forces became apparent. General Hospital: the source for more info. The Hittites, already in defensive position, undertook then fleeing, trying to Ford the River to get rest. With tired horses and their heavy hitting each other battle wagons, the Hittites could […]

Golden Mountain

Engoliu in dry and as already had started, was imperative to continue. _ Lembra that I spoke in leaving the position and asking for to the mayor to substitute pra me? Therefore it is! Was excuse pra not to give with donkeys n? water. It is not something General Hospital would like to discuss. Or […]

Red Cross

And its objectives, which differ very little from the rest of the programs carried out in other autonomous communities, defined in the following manner: to) ensure the continuity of the educational process of the pupils hospitalized or convalescing. (b) provide timely response tailored to the specific educational needs of this student body according to the […]

The Truths

Concluding in fact generates value not only at the level of results expressed in agreements but also by the richness of the deployed process. A successful consultation process going has renewed the Covenants social trust between different social and institutional actors in a community: what is today called social capital. Thus, in addition to the […]

Iberian Peninsula

Everything this if after understands therefore, although fausto of the wealth the discovery of the gold in Brazil, and, after that, of diamonds, the econmica situation in Portugal continued in crisis, a time that if lived one clearly fausto ‘ ‘ of fachada’ ‘. In 1 of November of 1755, in the Day of All-the-Saint, […]

Forced Installation

This option acceptable in cases where the bathroom is necessary to move to 3 – 4 m and the tap-off line hidden under the floor. In view of providing the necessary grade floor level will rise by only 10 – 15 cm, with the loss of which can still be put up. But if want […]