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Dino Morea Special

He knows that she is a Princess, while he is a poor boy. Time passes after that time, and their paths intertwine again. Abhay is busy now trying to launch her career, and lucky once again puts them face to face and is once again, the woman of his dreams. Abhay has strength to believe […]

Cabaret And Comedy – Is This The Question

The difference between cabaret and comedy moves the lover of the humor industry. This distinction is not so easy to use. Although it is certainly interesting for the audience to know on what humor he applies for the evening while visiting an event: The artist often can not easily categorize. Is the theme of a […]

Fresh Prince Comedy

The stage brilliance of Jane Wyman in film launch at the actor end of 40 years and continues for the next decade. In 1949 he won the Oscar for best actress playing a woman in Sordomuda theatre Belinda (1948) and earned three more nominations in 1947 for The Awakening (The Yearling), 1951 by I’m not […]