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Oscar Woodstock

As Tom said Constanten, former keyboardist for The Grateful Dead: "Woodstock was a lightning in a bottle. It created a sense of community by connecting people who felt lonely and defenseless. " Until then, the hippies of conviction were lonely palms in the desert. The others were dressed as hippies out the weekend, but did […]

Bartolomeo Rastrelli

began to deelop the Moscow School of painters-rich plots and , high technique of casting and subtle embossing. The most famous sculpture of the first master half of the xiii century. – Bartolomeo Rastrelli, Carlo (1675 – 1744). In 1716 he was inited by Peter I of France and moed to Russia and stayed there […]

What’s New Film On The Internet

Changing world of cinema. He essentially can not be static. News, regularly occur, make regular films, played by many movie stars. Keep up with all this is not so easy. Buy all the films, have created – a difficult task, and even though there are other ways to watch a movie. Much easier to download […]

Creating a Great Place To Work

In the 2009 version of Great Place to work, the JW Marriott Hotel Lima, ranked first in this international event. Continuing our theme of motivation, there is the question “How to motivate your people, the winners of Grear Place to work? . A bivariate approach to the theory of Herzberg, carried into practice. 1 .- […]