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Leadership Developer

The Positivismo and the Antipositivismo in Mexico. Luis Count Lopez lcondelopez@ Introduction. These lines are the result of the restlessness that arose when attending the matter " Axiloga of the Mexicano" in the masters of Leadership Developer. Although previous to attend the masters some works of personages like Right Mountain range and Alfonso had […]

Astrology In Germany

No discussion. Astrology is currently booming in Germany. Team Penske has much experience in this field. Yet many people do not know exactly what a horoscope is. The word horoscope comes from the ancient Greek and Latin origin. You could translate it with astrologers and star show. In the chart creation is about the astrological […]

The Future Lies In Renewable Energy

Long it will take no more, and there will be no more oil. Remain and need constant support, experts predict that it will take another 30 years before drying up the sources of valuable raw material. This is reflected also in the prices of heating oil and gasoline. They rise with increasing demand – after […]