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Martina Michel

With detailed tour descriptions, information about the surface, hiking time, elevation, directions and transport links impressions for each tour he offers wandering Liechtenstein explorers a reliable companion. The tour guide can be obtained free of charge from Liechtenstein tourism. Wanted found: after measurement on the Internet is hiking looking for excursions and hiking tips under […]

National Liberation Front

The Algeria war by 1954 to 1962 was led by both sides with extreme hardness. Under the leadership of the National Liberation Front (Front de liberation nationale / FLN) won the Algerian people the independence, which was approved on March 18, 1962, in the Treaty of Evian. On July 5, 1962, the independence was proclaimed […]

Lohme Rugen

The village that stood in front of doomed beech ferns and mosses dominate the vegetation on the cliffs of the island of Rugen. Located in the middle of this Idyll, West of the famous Kaiserstuhl, the fishing village of Lohme is located. When there in 2005 away broke a piece of the cliff, the village […]

Mexico Tours

Warm climate, whales and fewer tourists Leipzig, 10.12.2009 – tour between November and March book a Mexico, who wants to escape mostly winter in Germany. Warm destinations such as Mexico and other South American countries appear very promising, if it is cold outside, raining or even snowing. Actually involves tours at the local winter months […]


Come on vacation and feel like at home, does it work? Time out again, heading south. Lake Garda – refreshing blue between olive groves and peaks invites you to active holidays. Especially the region on the northern shore of Lake Garda is known for its young audience that comes to climbing, mountain biking and surfing. […]

Two Moroccan Pearls

Morocco experiencing diversity look me in the eyes, small!” Who doesn’t know the famous phrase from the Classic Casablanca? But Morocco has even more to offer than a romantic movie scene. The wide range of services and attractions describes the travel portal. Of course vacationers in the city of Casablanca can enjoy a little […]

English Leicester

Travel book is easy on the Internet. Learn more about destinations and book from comfort of home. Package tours are popular and if you once closer look at its advantages, more and more people will arrange clearly why vacation packages. To read more click here: actress. As short a package holiday is a holiday, in […]

Post Fashionweek

Visit in the capital city on the path between art and culture the must is the Berlin fashion week in January for all fashion fans at the end of the month in Berlin. Now I will make on the way. Pleased that it worked with the Akrreditierung, I’ll dive for a moment in the world […]

IHK Certificate: Much Expertise For The Implementation Taken

Oliver Rupp had the tip from a friend who works for a health insurance company Oliver Rupp has worked in the human resources Department of one of the world’s leading auto suppliers in management positions. “For the new Chamber of Commerce certificate training course specialist for occupational health management Chamber of Commerce” head of Unit […]

Raphaela Brunson

Why so please, should you jitter? No wife Elli anymore, she trembles at most. It’s shaking with rage, because the whole technical and medical progress you will now clearly in mind: your partner wants sex, he has sex, but he wants to and not have him with you! What bitter realization, what drama. What to […]