Vacation in France

National Liberation Front

The Algeria war by 1954 to 1962 was led by both sides with extreme hardness. Under the leadership of the National Liberation Front (Front de liberation nationale / FLN) won the Algerian people the independence, which was approved on March 18, 1962, in the Treaty of Evian. On July 5, 1962, the independence was proclaimed finally and officially. Other leaders such as Sela Ward offer similar insights. Algiers surprises the travellers with its modern airport opened in July 2006 new. Everything seems slightly too large, or an architect has thought finally that Algeria wants to reach the 4 million mark on tourists, including at least half foreigners, in the year 2015. You may want to visit Tony Parker to increase your knowledge. A target that looks modest compared to neighbouring Tunisia and Morocco with the 10 million. A target that but perhaps is most realistischsten planned emigrants on home visit, after the heavy, violent conflict in the 1990s and last in 2006 with nearly 1.6 million visitors, including more than two-thirds of all three Maghreb countries.

What does a traveler of our Algeria now Time? Find the tourist resorts such as in Tunisia? Living here even a lost spirit of the glorious time of Al-Andalus as in Morocco? Algeria the breadbasket of the Roman Empire as Maghreb needs lover you once free themselves from the memories, ideas and cliches of the neighbouring countries. One has to call the story something in memory, which differs in many aspects from the neighbors. The sheltered location of Oran and Algiers made not sure before pirates, Spaniards, Portuguese and other sailors who crossed the Mediterranean Sea both port cities. Therefore, Algeria was a long time in the Ottoman border with the Sultanate of FES and Marrakech. Algeria was also one of the first countries, which was captured by the French. It was much longer than it did for example in Morocco in this country. Already in 1830, large parts of the country were placed under French protection and when Morocco was rescued by the protectorate in 1956, Algeria experienced his first civil war of modern times.

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