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Imperial Palace

Those who dream of relaxing on the beach, soak up the fine white sand under the warm rays of the sun and swim in the clear blue water. If you want to relax, relieve accumulated fatigue and restore vitality to your service's best resorts, where you can visit the sauna, try the Thai massage, stone-, […]

Maisky Petersburg

Since mid-April, most of our countrymen are beginning to wrestle with the question: "Where to go for holidays in May?" Egypt and Turkey are no longer seems so exotic, and beach holidays to be fed, the trip to the country, too, will not be a good alternative. Unfortunately, many of our compatriots to forget that […]


Conventionally, what do we mean by tourism can be divided into two groups: the wild and the civilized tourism, formerly known tourism industry. Wild tourism in turn can be divided into direct wild, when a traveler or group Everything is organized by himself, and half-civilized, when part of the care of the rest takes the […]

City Of Verona

Tourists coming to Verona, begin sightseeing from the area of Bras, an ornament which serves the famous Arena. Arena – a Roman amphitheater, the second largest in Italy after the famous Colosseum. By the way, older than the Coliseum Arena for forty years. Today, Verona Arena is one of the most prestigious opera houses in […]