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It is worth such a device is not too expensive, allows you to charge four batteries at a time, which is especially important for people who like to shoot in a long hike. I think comrade will be happy such a gift. If you require is not present "on occasion", but just a small Present, […]

The Burning Crusade

In light of the release of the new additions to the popular online game World of Warcraft – Cataclysm, unfolds a new advertising campaign Blizzard, but because there are many people who want to play this game online. Naturally we will go to online game official servers. So where do you start a beginner? To […]

Wedding Photography Art

Remember those times when the wedding pictures you looked at the duty and elongated toe the line bride and groom with a strained unnatural smiles? Two or three poses, look strictly at the camera: These photos can now be found in Each family album of our parents. As well, it's all in the past! Today, […]

Theater Concerts

Today we'll talk to you about the drama shooting, it's nothing like photographing theater and circus performances, concerts with music-making, performances of street artists. Art theater photography is not as simple as it might seem at first sight, and do not be deceived footlights, dressed actors who take a beautiful posture during the action. Sure […]