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Climbing Forest Opens Second Branch

Strausberg / Klaistow, 04.09.2008 of new CLIMB UP! Climbing forest now also on the grounds of the asparagus and experience of Justice Klaistow CLIMB UP! -Climbing forest operates the first and largest climbing forest in the region of Berlin and Brandenburg on 35,000 m2 forest area, with 10 different courses, overall 1000 m long rope […]

Hatnut Goes Knooking

The hat trend continues – no matter whether crocheted, knitted or new: geknookt flying needles and all over the world have many heads get a hatnut Cap. The needles of the hatnuts not rest but now is geknookt! Knooking is composed of English words for crochet (hook) and knit (knit) and combines the advantages of […]

Outreach Music Festival

The outreach Festival in the Karwendel silver region the outreach Festival in the Karwendel mountain range in Tyrol silver region is under the programmatic title of outreach expeditions. According to Jorge Perez, who has experience with these questions. Star trumpeter and composer Franz Hackl Peter Habeler mountaineering legend, invited to participate in outreach. But what […]

Boredom In Bed? Exciting Escort Service Contacts On

But what to do if the erotic game is always the same? If the desire for the partner is evaporates or it simply is single? Here offers, the online dating portal for adult contacts simple workaround: call girls, escorts or escorts as new game partners the desire for sex is exciting and you can […]

Get To Know How To Reach Pretty Women

Lonely in Berlin – it doesn’t have to be you certainly know the phenomenon: although it should be so easy, it is difficult you meet new people. Surrounded by many others, feel lonely. Thus, you appear tense, what completes the vicious circle and makes you appear yet unapproachable for others. This problem shows just for […]

Theatre Festival

“, says Artistic Director Tom Kraus and so refers to the motto of the 11. World children’s Theatre Festival. Make your dream!”calls, to believe in the reality-altering power of his dreams and to implement them in practice. Park of dreams”in the all-day Park of dreams on the festival grounds to make sensual participants and visitors […]


Information about online video stores and rent movies over the Internet is you stroll down the city ever noticed, that there is hardly any video stores? Where previously the local cinema had its branch, a fast-food restaurant or a pharmacy can be found today. Why is that? It’s simple: More and more people rent online […]