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Fun Sledding

Inflatable sleds – hire ka with us! Come winter sunny days, and you do not want to sit at home, admiring the magnificent snow-drifts and slippery hill? Then grab your children, inflatable sled, and let's go outside! Conventional sled, modeling snowmen and snowballs gay – it's yesterday, because today's kids have appeared exercise more fun. […]

The Sisal Rug – Pure Naturalness

The sisal rug – pure naturalness of to house the sisal rug has a very special character. It is the expression of pure naturalness. The sisal carpet of course also gives a special charm. There are also plant fibers, made of sisal carpet. The sisal carpet in various colors can then be inked. The sisal […]

Exclusive Kitchen Countertops

Rosskopf & Partner AG has expanded its range in premium countertops for the kitchen again new premium countertops Rosskopf & Partner AG in autumn 2009. In cooperation with the Swiss manufacturer of wooden worktops, Enterprise wood plant in Montlingen, Rosskopf & Partner AG under the brand name xsyro wood offers now also high quality kitchen […]

The Art Of Cooking

The art of cooking – cooking, as well as all kinds of art, no doubt, requires talent and inspiration, professional excellence, a sense of proportion and a special intuition generated by the same talent, inspiration and skill. “The Art of durability, and life is short”, says the Latin proverb, which for several centuries of its […]

The Mediterranean

Is rounded off the patio furniture white or red textile requirements, perhaps in green? Lighting in terms of lighting is candle-lit very atmospheric, best in the form of lanterns, because they didn’t go out even with a fresh breeze. Otherwise, wall lights or adjustable halogen light, a very warm, Sun-like light, the intensity of which […]

Damascus Steel

Especially their strength thanks Damascus knives the composite of steel produced in laborious hand work. Alternating layers are forged together here (based on the alloy) steel by hard and chewy or fire welded. The Steel Federation, which arises is very hard; on the other hand but also elastic. The technique used here is also called […]

The Computer

And what a feast complete without gifts? Prepare for them to be handing in advance, so now we must think that will delight a child or young person to help make learning more enjoyable and fun holiday and bright. In elementary school, learning process is often combined with elements of the game, allowing children to […]

Kids Games And Toys

It has long been known that one of the first baby toys – rattles. Accumulated and our first-born of quite a few – gave relatives and friends. But quickly tired of the child: they knock it on the cot, and throws a minute. But Masha nevalyasha that publishes the melodious and gentle sounds for a […]